Grand Designs – Think again Kevin!

This is an interesting look at project management and change management – and the art of compromise.

I recommend a quick look – and read the Book: ‘What they didn’t tell you about project management in class’ – Robin wrote it, and its pretty on-point!

And it says; ‘learn to be more of a change manager, as well as a project manager’ – which I support!

What they didn't tell you about project management in class

GrandDesignsI was watching Grand Designs. I’m a fan of Kevin McCloud and his show but this one episode struck an uncomfortable chord – which perfectly illustrates exactly what the book (What they didn’t tell you about project management in class) is all about.

It was a re-run of a 2006 episode where retired physicist Peter and his wife Christine were building a split personality house which was apparently going to straddle a hob courtyard wall. From the outside of the courtyard the house would have the appearance of a potting shed. From the courtyard side of the fence, it would look like a contemporary glass walled pavilion.

Throughout the show, Kevin criticised and even mocked Peter and Christine, firstly because they decided to manage the project themselves and secondly because as project managers (and sponsors) they were allowing the building to grow organically with significant changes to the plan.


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