Just how immature are you?

Developing ‘Change Management Maturity’ is hard.

Probably because when you try to develop maturity of one competency in an organisation, you have to have a go at all of them together.

I had the opportunity to discuss this with the Canberra Community of Practice of  Change Managers, in Australia last week.  I have attached the presentation, which also contains the collective wisdom and experience of those who attended, with content gathered during the session.

CoP August 2015 – Change Management Maturity v2

CoP August 2015 – Change Management Maturity Notes

You will find the slideshare here: 

We also had an opportunity to pull apart a couple of change management frameworks, and discuss how we would develop a maturity development roadmap for an organisation – hopefully there is some learning outcomes in there that will help those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to do so, and some offerings from the ‘brains trust’ about some of the pot holes to avoid as they go along.