Digital isolation v Digital exile

A snippet from some correspondence with a dear friend:

Ooh, sounds like a blog post in the making – ‘digital isolation v digital exile in a digital world hurtling towards “technological Singularity”‘. Perhaps the government needs a change management plan to deal with those suffering from digital isolation or exile – this is a complex problem connected with their NBN mess, amongst other things – or is this more of a ‘wicked’ problem. I will think on it!

So, what do we have here?

Digital Isolation.  What is this? Is it new, or is it something that we didn’t have a name for, but now have a whole pandemic of? Now this is interesting… imagine actually running a crowdsource to understand what people understand of their current state of digital isolation – does the quality, speed, availability, cost and ‘capability of using’ (thinking literacy and that famous quote: Choose your Authors like you choose your friends) contribute to varying degrees of isolation?  What about those who choose to isolate themselves [digitally] from others, by CHOOSING not to engage using social media, online tools, mobile devices or ‘my’ accounts?  Are they ‘digital hermits’ or suffering from some socially technological dysfunction?  Are these people our odd-uncle-at-the-family-picnic ‘pod-mates’ or dinosaurs in the next ‘village over the hill’ along in the pod-farm of comfortable, home-like acoustically pleasing partitioning?  Of course, running a crowdsource activity which didnt also feature the ability to participate in offline activities would of course limit the participation to only those who were =/ Digitally isolated.  So the activity would measure the degree of digital isolation, not being 100% digitally isolated… and would also have flaws in the science, not considering the [analogue?] socially isolated (even harder to ferret out than those ‘digital, but not isolated’) as being part of the 50th percentile, juxtaposed with the ‘digital’.

How digitally isolated are you, at this very moment?

Digital Exile. What is this?  Is this being ‘grounded’ and Mum turning off the WiFi after 10pm, when all the homework has been done? Is this something that happens when you move away from a fast-food outlet that delivers free wifi, or are unlucky enough (socioeconomic night-breed or zombie-apocalypsed) not to have 24/7 access?

Technological Singularity? Well, we all know what that is, yet, we choose not to do anything about it.  At least, from a public policy perspective – there isn’t any money left to think about the future, we are too busy trying to fix the problems of yesterday. Or at least, too busy trying to get reelected, so that we can consider yesterday’s problems. Is the technological singularity connected with the rise of Homo Evolutis?

Change management plan for the government? Why should they start thinking ahead, now? Did you notice that I am being nonspecific about which country, party or level of government?  I thought you noticed.